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I have been asked a few times to blog my birthing story – I always say that Worms birth was very uneventful, which was good, as her first 2 weeks of life were far from it (I’ll tell you about them a little later).

Worm came into the world on the 20th of July 2011, 2 weeks earlier than her EDD of the 3rd of August.

Mum & I traveled from the farm to Adelaide a few weeks early, just to avoid the scary 4 hour in labour drive that might have occurred. I went to the OB for my scheduled check up on the 19th (Tuesday). The scan that the OB did showed that I was very low in amniotic fluids, I only had a puddle of about 4cms, all other puddles had cord in them, so he determined my fluid level was dangerously low. Internal examination showed that my cervix was very favourable to induction (starting to efface, and 1 finger dilated) The decision was made to induce me that same day.

Now to be honest this SCARED THE SHIT out of me – I had hoped for a nice calm hypnobirthing experience and being induced was not at all conducive to that, but in the interests of having a healthy baby I agreed to the induction.

I wa supposed to have some maternity photos taken the next day, but I quickly realised that I was not going to be able to make that appointment – luckily my mum had the camera ready, so we took a moment when I was getting ready to go to the hospital to take a few.

So I had gels applied at 3pm on Tuesday, my waters were ready to be broken at 10pm. The period from about 11pm-1am was agony I freely admit that my original plan of a drug free hypnobabies birthing was thrown out the window! I had contractions about 1-2mins apart, lasting from 30-45secs each time. My time was spent alternating between telling everyone to please stop talking to me (during contractions) and then apologising to everyone (in-between contractions). I decided I couldn’t keep on with the pain at around 1am & the Farmer went to discuss some options with the nurses.

The nurses advised that given that I was already feeling like I was going to vomit, that gas & pethidine were not good options, but that an epidural was the best way to go. (also I couldn’t sit or lay down after I had my waters broken – Just couldn’t get comfy with anything, the fitness ball was my friend, but I was very quickly running out of energy) Looking back I wish I had had a nurse who was a little more ‘hands-on’ as I had no one helping me breath through the pain, and although I knew that walking around was going to be beneficial with my waters leaking everywhere & the hospital closed up there wasn’t anywhere for me to go.

My OB also arrived to check in on me at this time. I asked him to check my progress & discovered I was only 3cm at 1am (he was very pleased with this progress, saying it was fairly normal for FTM’s to dilate at 1cm per hour after the waters are broken). So the drug doctor was called to arrange an epidural. She arrived at 1.30ish & asked me to sit on the side of the bed to start to prepare me for the needles. I sat up & almost immediately needed to vomit – I said twice I am going to be sick, but everyone was too late! The Farmer heard me when I said it the 2nd time & grabbed the bin for me (obviously very used to me calling stop when driving home from the pub!) but it was too late – I projectile vomited all over the bed, myself, the floor & I have no idea how I missed people! It was revolting! The epi was then put in around 1.45ish & I felt relief almost immediately (the drugs were excellent!)

Another internal at 4.30am (when the first lot of drugs wore off) showed that I was about 8cm at that point – so they gave me a top up – looking back I really wish that they hadn’t given me any more drugs, as the first lot hadn’t completely worn off but the nurse was concerned that I could start to feel the contractions.

At 6.30am I was 10cm & almost ready to go, they decided to wait a little longer for the top-up drugs to wear off a little more (as I still couldn’t feel the contractions very intensely) So I started pushing at 6.45ish. I don’t know how many pushes were required, I know that the Worm spent a little longer on my perineum than was ideal, but at 7.26am she was born! I had a 1st degree tear of my labia major, but no perineum damage (I think I have 3 stitches but didn’t count)

The Worm was PERFECT! I can’t begin to explain the emotions that I felt holding her for the first time. She was 3330g 51.5cm long & with 35cm head. Her first breast feed was fantastic, straight on both sides & fed brilliantly.

So that was her birthing story. The Farmer & I were so thrilled & excited at what we had done – we had produced a little person who was perfectly content & lovely.

Unfortunately that is where the contentment & perfectness ended, because in about 12 hours it was all about to change…….. If you want to continue the story please read Part 2 & Part 3

Do you watch “One Born Any Minute”? Would you allow cameras into the room if you were giving birth?

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