Be careful what you wish for

November 28th, 2011 | Posted by Sara in Life | Thermomix

Have you ever had a situation when you have wanted something for years? I mean REALLY lusted after something, saved, dreamed and planned how good your life might be if you were to own that something.

This is how I felt about a Thermomix. I saw a mini demo at a friend’s house 4 years ago, when she whipped up custard & then a sorbet in under 20 mins. The food was yummy, the clean up a breeze and I instantly wanted one.

Well my dream finally came true this Thursday. My very own Thermomix was delivered. The consultant showed me again how to use it & we made risotto in under 20 mins. Without all the tedious stirring & measuring & mess that usually happens when I make risotto.

She then left & I was on my own with this fabulous magical kitchen gadget…. I was EXCITED…. I had planned on making Chocolate Mousse as my first solo thermie experiment. I was ecstatic when I saw there was an official mousse recipe in the cook book I had been given.

I followed it to the letter, and what finished was quite a good example of chocolate mousse. The cream was a little over beaten & my egg whites hadn’t formed stiff peaks properly,  but the end result tasted pretty good.

In subsequent days I have made a Red Chicken Curry, Pancakes, Pizza Dough & Foccacia. Of these recipes they have either failed completely or just been average. Now I know many people who have a Thermomix love love love it & I am sure that with some practice I will be another happy customer but right now I am wondering if I wasted a substantial amount of money on a cool kitchen toy. I am finding the whole experience rather underwhelming.

Have you ever had a toy that you desperately wanted, only to get it & be disappointed?

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  • Oh how disappointing! I hate that! I’ve been done a few times. Usually with those things they advertise on tv that will clean better, chop quicker or get you great abs. Do they have like a 30day money back guarantee kind of thing?
    Anna @ Confessions recently posted..Is YOUR husband any good?My Profile

  • Cat says:

    Really interesting Sara. I had always lusted after a kitchenaid food processor and a mixer too. Mr got everyone to chip in for my birthday a few years back for a processor & though I like it it isn’t as fantastic as I hoped. the other thing I’ve always wanted is a dyson vacuum cleaner. When I learned about thermomixers I thought one of them over the mixer would be cool. I guess it’s a matter of trial and error. Wonder what’s wrong with me that the things I really want are household appliances? Mind you a pair of Chanel ballet flats, a prada tote bag & an open ended spend at Tiffany’s would be appreciated too! 😉
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  • I don’t really get the hype with them
    or slow cookers. I love my Dyson but one thong I don’t love is my hair straightener. I brought one that has a large plate thinking it would cut down them time doing it but it doesn’t! It also has big steam holes that can burn your face which isn’t very helpful either.
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  • Mel B says:

    I hope it’s just a trial and error thing for you… One thing I’ve learnt from watching my friend who was quite a sceptic (but now adores hers and is a consultant) is that they are so powerful that you do really need to be very precise with times/speeds measurements etc. I’ve found from eating many end results, that they are pretty awesome and save heaps of time, but there is probably a little bit of a pay off there – eg. Not going to have quite the same result as if you stirred with lots of TLC etc… It might be even too over-precise of you get my drift?

    But make full use of your consultant – they should be there to guide you through the whole process – as they are big on now wanting people buying one and have it gather dust – essentially their biggest asset is you singing it’s praises. So they should be there to assist you in getting it right. Call them or email them and tell them your thoughts. They may have some ideas as to what caused the flops.

    I’d love one myself – and have spent a fair bit of time around them of late – even helped made a pavlova on the weekend in one for the pavbloghop and blogged about it. Pav was yummy – but not 100% perfect – but I tell you what it was damn tasty and easy!

    My friend (the consultant) has a twitter account and Facebook page and I know she wants to spread the thermie love, do if you have no joy with your consultant you could maybe tweet her and leave a message on her FB page, she may have some ideas for you?

    Am sounding like a consultant myself, but seriously could fully understand that sick feeling of having paid that much money for something and feeling sick at the thought of it being the wrong decision, so I just hope you and your thermie get better acquainted and become best of friends…

    • Sara says:

      Mel I am VERY pleased to advise that I have had lots of success now with my Thermie – and it is quickly becoming my friend!
      Thanks for the suggestions of contacting another consultant. I think I will do that if I have any further dramas.
      Thanks for saying hello Mel

  • Mel B says:

    So don’t know why I just put my email in my website address box – duh! I blame it on early morning baby feeds!
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