{Product Talk} FisherPrice 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail

November 29th, 2011 | Posted by Sara in Little Human | Product Review

As you all know I am a very proud mum of a beautiful 17 week old baby girl. The Worm has started to play with toys recently, so when I saw the opportunity to review the Fisher Price 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail I jumped at the chance. This is a Product Talk by Nuffnang and I received a 1-2-3 Crawl-Along Snail to review.

The snail impressed me right out of the box – literally! I was very impressed with the way they had secured the snail in the packaging – there was no silly little plastic tags that needed to be cut out & always end up on the floor. To get the snail out of the box you simply turn the little black widget thing & it unlocks like a key – no mess!


Once out it was instantly a success with the Worm. She has just started to really enjoy her tummy time & now she can roll back & forth she loves to follow things around. The snail has lockable wheels so seeing as Worm can not crawl yet I initially locked them in place so it wouldn’t roll away from her.


The snail has a bright cheerful face which lights up when activated – the ‘happy & you know it’ music was very pleasant & brought a smile to my face. To activate the lights & sounds requires a very gentle touch, even Worm could make it work. She particularly liked the “yippee” sound.


The snail has a mirror on one side, which Worm loved looking into (she’s getting a little vain just like her mum!)


Today I decided to un-lock the wheels & Worms face when it went racing across the tiles was priceless. I can see her chasing this when she learns how to crawl. The snails face, colours & lights intrigued Worm & she was reaching out to touch it very quickly, this might be a fantastic motivate her to crawl (although I am in no rush as my house is certainly not baby proofed yet!)



The Fisher Price 1-2-3 Crawl Along Snail retails for $31.99 and is suitable for children from 3-36months which makes it very good value for money. I love how the toy adapts to your child’s development, and I can see this one being a favourite in our house for many years to come.


Did you have a favourite Fisher Price toy growing up? What was it? Do you still have it?


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