5 things you didn’t know about Sara

December 6th, 2011 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

I was tagged by Anna Millie (not her real name ) over at Confessions of a Psychologist & then also tagged by Trouble_Doubled a few days later to share a few things about myself that people might not know.

I’m a pretty open person, and generally share what I am comfortable sharing most days, so initially I struggled to find something that you don’t know about me already (well something that I am happy for you to know!)

1)      My twitter handle is @Sar_Wah (this you know already), however the origins of Wah are something I haven’t shared yet. My step-father started calling me Wah when I was about 12. Apparently I answered the phone Sar-Wa speaking when he would call. Now the really odd thing is that my name is Sara, and I despise people putting a “H” on the end of my name, yet I stick a “H” onto Sar_Wah . I have been debating changing my twitter handle recently to something that reflects my blog better; however I have been Wah for 16 years now, so I am thinking I’ll keep it.

2)      We have 3 dogs, and have had up to 9 when we lived on the farm (this was when one of our Kelpies had pups & believe me we were SO glad to see them go by the time they were 8 weeks old!)

3)      I am an only child. This has never bothered me too much. I sometimes worry that my lack of social skills, and dislike of large social gatherings is a result of this but who knows. I suppose I never really learnt how to play regularly with others – I have always enjoyed my own company & until having the Worm would read books to entertain myself. Despite me being an only child I have always imagined having at least 2 children. I didn’t want my own children to feel lonely, or to be disadvantaged with social skills, I want them to have someone else to turn to if they feel they can’t talk to me, but that is a WHOLE other post!

4)       I have moved around quite a lot over the past 10 years. I have lived in 7 towns, spread across 3 states.

5)      I have sold Tupperware, and The Chefs Toolbox products though party plans. I really only signed up to be a consultant to get all the lovely products for myself.  If I am truly honest I think I would have spent more money than I earned!

So there you go 5 things that you didn’t know about me before now. It is now my duties as holder of the versatile blogger award to tag 5 more people to share 5 things about themselves.

Therefore I tag:

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Girls here is your chance to share a few secrets, so go on & have some fun.


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What do you think about my ‘secrets’- had you guessed any of them before I shared?






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