A letter to a new mother

February 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Sara in Being a mum | Thankful Thursday

Dear Sara,

I wish I could have told you this 6 months ago, but you wouldn’t have believed me anyway.

I remember you were so sure that having a baby wasn’t going to change you at all. You were right, and wrong all at the same time. You were changed the instant that you conceived, you softened, became more accepting and appreciating of other opinions.

Don’t worry about the housework, the dishes can wait, you don’t need clean clothes & who cares about the gardens.

Don’t be afraid of spoiling your child, I wish I could have told you that you will grow to love your child like nothing else ever existed. That you would soon forget what life was like without her.

I wish you would believe me when I tell you that breastfeeding isn’t easy, I know you assumed that it would be. I wish I could have assured you that even when you are crying due to the pain your child is benefiting from everything you give her.I wish I could have assured you that the pain does go away, and that breastfeeding would become your favourite job as a mother.

You will get used to functioning on less than 6 hours sleep a night,  going to bed at 8pm doesn’t mean you are a granny.  The 3am feeds are just special moments share between mother and daughter. The times that you can really stare at her beautiful face, looking at her eyelashes and hands, and trying to comprehend how you and the Farmer were able to produce something so perfect.

You will be so  proud you will be watching your daughter grow and develop into a little person. Seeing her face light up in smiles, hearing her giggle and copy your mannerisms will be the highlights of your day.

Sara, by the time your daughter is 6 months old, you will have pushed through illness, moving house, stress, and travel. You will smile, laugh and love. I wanted  you to understand that you will be giving your child the best start you can,  loving her, and teaching her.

Thank you for believing in yourself.



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