I love getting outside, running, walking generally spending time in the great outdoors. I find that even on my lowest of low days spending time outside dramatically improves my attitude. However this can throw out Worm’s sleep patterns & also raises issues regarding sun protection.

Along comes Snooze Shade Plus. This shade fits over your pram & blocks out a huge amount of sunlight. This helps your baby relax & stop being stimulated by their surroundings. When fully closed up the shade is UPF 50+, and it is REALLY dark inside, when the front panel is rolled down the single layer of mesh filters 80% of the UV Rays & allows your child to look out.

I have a rather large 3 wheeled pram, and I am pleased to say that the Snooze Shade Plus fits really well. It is a universal fit, so regardless of what sized pram you have the plus will fit. I found it very easy to put on, I left it attached to the bottom of the pram all the time & pulled it up over the canopy when I needed it.

There are lots of varied opinions on the usage of sun screen on babies. I purchased the Cancer Council Toddler & the Hamilton Sun Toddler Milk to use for Worm, but they both suggest waiting until 6 months before

using. Before then the recommendation is cover up- easier said than done in 35+ degree weather!

The Snooze Shade Plus gave me comfort that Worm would be covered up in the sunshine, and although I still ensure she wears a hat & now she is over 6 months old I put sunblock on it is good to know that she is protected.

I have really loved using the Snooze Shade Plus, and it certainly gets a work out, it came in handy when the Farmer was playing tennis on the weekend, Worm was able to have a good nap in her pram. I can think of numerous occasions over the past 6 months where I have draped blankets or muslin wraps over the pram – I remember when I was visiting my mother in Sydney, I actually had to purchase a blanket one day as Worm wasn’t settling and Mum & I had LOTS of Christmas shopping to get done, if we had of had the Snooze Shade Plus on the pram that day it would have been ready to use, and it would have been MUCH more convenient than trying to keep a blanket over the pram the whole day.

We are about to travel again & I’ll be taking our Snooze Shade Plus with us, to ensure that whatever pram I use whilst we are away Worm is fully protected.

I loved this product so much it inspired me to get my photoshop skills on and I am very pleased to award the Snooze Shade Plus the very first

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