Before Worm came into our lives I can honestly say that I gave little thought to car safety. I should clarify, I always wear a seat belt & check my tyre tread regularly, but apart from that the fact that our car has airbags or crumple zones didn’t really mean much to me.

However from the first drive home with Worm (4 hours to the farm) all of a sudden these things became critically important to me.The health & well-being of my child, my husband & myself became paramount.

Since 1993 ANCAPS has conducted safety checks on over 380 new vehicles, the vehicles are given a star rating based on the level of safety they provide in the event of a car crash. Factors such as airbags, electronic braking systems, seatbelts and others combine, and cars are awarded or deducted points based on the results of these tests. All cars are subject to the same rounds of testing, which is conducted at 64km per hour. Observations are also made on the displacement of dummies during the crash, as well as the structural impact on the vehicles occupant compartment.

The ANCAPS ratings in a nutshell are really easy to read – the more stars the better. In fact occupants of a car with a 1 star rating have twice the chance of being killed or seriously injured in a crash compared to those in a 5 star car. This fact alone amazed me! After reading the materials I went searching on the ANCAPS website for our cars rating.

I was very pleased to discover that our car a 2007 Subaru Outback (with safety pack) achieved a 5 star rating. The report was very comprehensive and I was particularly excited to see that the Outback reached a total of 35.52 points – the highest scoring vehicle assessed by Australian NCAP for that year.

To check out how your car measured up, or to help you decide the next car you purchase I highly recommend checking out the ANCAPS website and using that information to make your decision.

You can check out the ANCAP website here:, and the campaign Facebook page here:

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What are your concerns about car safety? Have you used the ANCAPS ratings to make your decision before?

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You can check out the ANCAP website here:, and the campaign Facebook page here: