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March 3rd, 2012 | Posted by Sara in Guest Post

Today, I’ve turned my blog over to the dark side….. please welcome Tork!


Set Trends, Don’t Copy Them


I thought I’d tell you a little about how to be a bad blogger.




Yeah.. a bad blogger.  See, everything in this bloggy land of ours seems to revolve around what you should and shouldn’t be doing.  You shouldn’t write without researching.  You shouldn’t hit the publish button without proof reading. You shouldn’t write when you are drunk.


Blah blah blah.. boring boring boring…


I love writing about my boy.  He’s a bloody legend and a battler.  He’s also hilarious.  I too try to be hilarious in my writing.  I might blog about the best dad jokes whilst slipping a few more in all my blog posts.


But, I’ve been labelled as a bag blogger.  A terrible person.  Oh my!


So, I’m in revenge mode by being a bad blogger on purpose, doing all the things you shouldn’t do, but showing how they really don’t matter. Hopefully it’ll prove that I’m not so bad after all!


Sara’s a good example of a great blogger.  She’s driving her own course, of writing originally and being creative.  Setting trends instead of copying them.  She recently wrote a letter to herself.  Apparently a no-no in quote “how to blog” un-quote, and we loved it.  She’s also written a guide for exercising with a baby.  A friggen fantastic idea!  I loved it.  My exercises with bubs mainly including chucking him in the air a few times, putting him on the ground, then whining about how my fridge is empty of beer.


I really should do something about my priorities in life. I mean.. really… what sort of guy doesn’t have beer in his fridge?


🙂 just kidding of course.


Set The Trends, Don’t Copy Them


Whether it’s in blogging, how you raise your children, or life in general.  Set trends, don’t copy them.


Why do so many people think that to be a success or successful that you have to do things a certain way?  Your way is the best because in the end, you are the best at making you happy. You shouldn’t copy others because they tell you something has to be done that way. Do it your own way.


An Example; I enjoy strange things a fella my age shouldn’t.  Things such as antiques.  Ahh, the look of an aged dresser can remind me of time once passed. A golden antique find at a garage sale can keep me happy all weekend.  Those damned garage sale signs can often see me swing the car wheel towards their pointing arrow in haste!  A stern look from the wife though definitely forbids me to buy any of it these days. Grrr! *shakes fist*


But that’s just something I rarely can enjoy with anyone my age. Something I’ll just do because it makes me happy.  A trend I set because I enjoy antiquing, even though no one else I know does.



Getting back to blogging, don’t read much into what people tell you on how to blog.  Write about what you want to write without worrying if anyone will like it or not.  Sure, some people will like it and some people wont.  It’s all about what makes you happy.


You can see how I go at being a bad blogger if you like.  It at least will be a great laugh (especially the one where I will write drunk).


So what have you done that would be considered as bad blogging but has turned out to be great?  Not clicking this link; Tork’s Dad Blog, would definitely be one of them!


*insert evil genius laugh here*


– tork


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