Its been a while…….

January 1st, 2017 | Posted by Sara in Uncategorized

It’s been a while in between notes, I’ve had some stuff going on over the past 2 years. Initially I was writing but just not pressing publish then I just wasn’t writing at all.

I’ve moved our family across states twice,started a new job,quit that job, lost a baby through early miscarriage, delivered a healthy baby, moved house 5 times, started a new job again – resigned again, and as it’s now the end of 2016 I guess it’s time for a fresh start.

I remember when I started blogging it was all about me, I was a first time mum feeling all alone. I felt like my voice had been taken away and writing was my way of getting that back. I’d write whilst worm slept, I’d write in the middle of the night whilst she fed, I’d use every spare moment designing, tweaking and writing to ensure my blog was perfect.

I remember that back when Worm was little all I wanted to do was talk, writing was my way of doing that.

Fast forward 5 years later, this time I haven’t felt like I needed to talk, I guess I’m much more comfortable in my own skin so that I haven’t had to shout from the rooftops every detail of what’s going on with Rabbit.
This time round I haven’t been talking, I’ve been listening, I’ve been reading, and I’ve been learning.

As much as our family has had challenges over the last 2 years we have grown, evolved and I guess we’ve learned more about ourselves.

I’ve watched Worm grow into an independent young girl, she may be only 5 years old but she’s fearless, she embraces every situation with tenacity, an abundance of energy and usually a cheeky smile.

I’ve grown and birthed Rabbit, who is a cruisy 5 month old. She’s happy surrounded by the chaos that is our home, and she brings me so much joy. I feel with Rabbit I’m so much more content to just ‘be’. I haven’t put unrealistic expectations on myself, I haven’t demanded the perfect situation and in being that much more relaxed I feel I’m helping her settle and find her place in our family.

The Farmer and I are raising our girls to be strong independent women. We are proud of them, and proud of ourselves as parents.

As we welcome 2017 I wonder what adventures it will bring. Happy New Year.

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