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There’s nothing that makes The Farmer happier than a yummy dinner. Last time we received a pack of goodies from McCormick he was straight into it – he took over completely & I happily sat back to watch.

This time it was no different! To celebrate the lunch of the McCormick new Grill Mates seasonings and new Marinade in a Bag flavours we were lucky enough to be sent an esky of goodies.


Inside we found all the ingredients to make delicious BBQ Bush Lamb Cutlets with Mango Chutney Mayonnaise.


1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp McCormick Grill Mates Bush Lamb
1kg lamb cutlets
250g Greek style natural yoghurt
3 tbsp mango chutney
Green salad to serve

Combine oil, McCormick Grill Mates Bush lamb seasoning together and run into lamb
Pre-heat large frying pan or BBQ Grill to medium-high heat and cook cutlets for 1-2minutes each side


Meanwhile mix lemon juice, yoghurt and chutney together until well combined.
Place cutlets on plate, drizzle dressing over & serve with salad.


This meal was so quick & easy to make. It was delicious and The Farmer loved having a fast healthy mid week meal that really was full of flavour.
I am sensitive to some food seasonings which makes me check labels very carefully. I was thrilled to see that this had no MSG or other nastys.
Even the Worm enjoyed this meal, with her stealing my cutlets!

The new McCormick GrillMates range consists of 4 varieties. All as delicious as each other although we were gifted the Bush Lamb, the Farmer later purchased the Blazin’ Pepper Steak too!
The GrillMates seasonings come in handy re sealable packaging and each 50g pack contains enough seasoning for 3-4 meals (& we were rather liberal with our sprinkles). The range (& also the yummy Marinade in a Bag) are available in Coles.

Who has control of the BBQ in your house? What’s your quick midweek recipe?

As a blogger I am sometimes fortunate enough to be given opportunities to try products or write posts for companies. Due to my limited time available I tend to decline many of these offers however every so often I’m so excited to get approached by a company that just ‘gets me’.
When I was sent an email from RebelSport asking if I was interested in reviewing their new SuperNatural line I replied super fast with a resounding YES PLEASE!


The SuperNatural range is a new innovation in ‘performance apparel’ otherwise known as exercise gear. It’s blend of 50% Merino wool & 50% polyester makes it near perfect for whatever conditions you find yourself out in. The singlets, tshirts & pants I was fortunate to be sent have certainly had a workout over the past 5 weeks.

The fabric is thin, soft & super warm. I wore it running at the local 10km fun run & it looked great all race. I didn’t overheat, and it whisked my sweaty drips away super fast. The other massive benefit is that it didn’t get stinky.
br />20130712-214937.jpg
I’ve taken to sticking one of the singlets under my cycling jerseys for the cold morning rides & it helps keep my core warm without me getting the cold chills from the sweat dripping down my back.

The long sleeved 1/4 zip top shirt has thumb holes & is perfect for the cool night runs. We had a family holiday to Tasmania in June & the tops are so stylish & comfy I lived in them whilst we were there. I loved that they kept my temperature regulated, could be machine washed & didn’t change shape in the dryer. The little thumb holes are fabulous as The Farmer is always criticising my habit of pulling my sleeves down over my hands.


My only complaint with the range was with the pants. Although they are the same super comfy, breathable and soft fabric as the shirts they are a little thin for everyday wear. I live in them around the house & they have made for brilliant yoga pants, just not something I would wear outdoors. I could see how they would help keep you warm under jeans or other pants if you were out hiking or needed an extra layer of clothing though.

I love the range of colours and there are so many styles it was hard to pick a favourite. You can check out the RebelSport SuperNatural range can be found online or in your local store. I haven’t made a ‘Sar-Wah’s seal of approval’ but if I were to have such an award it would go to these for sure!!

Thanks so much to the team at RebelSport for making my day.

I received a huge pile of clothes to review, however was under no obligation to write. I wrote this post as I love the range!!

As a working mum I sometimes struggle to put healthy nutritious meals in the table. Couple this with my usual scenario of an over tired toddler who just wants to cuddle or be held & my exhausting night can become downright painful as I juggle the dinner prep with a 12kg toddler on my hip.

When I first saw the Learning Tower I hoped it could be a solution to my woes, a way that Worm could be safely at a height to see what I was doing at the kitchen bench (and not sitting on the bench)  & even help out, which parents of nearly 2 year olds can attest to ‘I hold it’ or ‘I help’ are frequent statements in our house. Worm LOVE’s helping. The Learning tower provides a safe secure platform that the child can get in & out of safely by them selves (no more monkey jumping off the back of the high chair!)

When the big box was delivered I was initially daunted by the flat pack construction, especially since the Farmer was away, but I was ready for the challenge. Armed with only an allen key & a set of handy numbered instructions I commenced. A little over 30 minutes later I was done. Flat pack success & I didn’t even have to resort to a glass of wine to help.


I was immediately impressed with the tower, its strong, and study, I couldn’t resist climbing in myself & jumping up and down a few times. The tower is rated to hold 500lbs so it didn’t budge at my shenanigans. The platform is cleverly designed so that is sits snugly, and can be adjusted to 4 height levels. It’s difficult enough to adjust that the nearly 2 year old can’t move it, but easy enough for a somewhat co-ordinated adult!

When Worm woke the next morning she stared in wonder at the tower, before quickly starting to use the platform for her personal shelf. It took her a few days to get the confidence to climb into and out of the tower herself, however as soon as she ‘got it’ there was no holding her back.20130627-092318.jpg

I loved having her help out with dinner prep last night, she ‘helped’ by trying to peel the potatoes, and then trying to use a spoon to scrape the seeds out of the pumpkins.



The tower is a great hiding place for the veggies you don’t want to be cooked too.


I am beyond thrilled with the Learning Tower, and I have actually just used the discount code to purchase an Art Easel to go with it. The Easel simply attaches to the side of the tower, and will allow multiple uses for the same frame. You can also get a tent cover, to turn it into a lemonade stand, or puppet theatre. Head over to the facebook page & ‘like’ them for more fabulous ideas.

It was simple to award the coveted “Worms Seal of Approval” to this product, and I’m excited to say that the team at The Learning Tower are offering my readers a 20% discount on all Learning Tower stock (towers, easels and playhouses) direct at the website  Make sure you use the special code: LTTTL20 at the checkout, to save 20% on your total order, which is at the very least free shipping, and in some cases much more! The code will be valid until June 30th 2013 so get in QUICK!!
Please share & spread the word about this fabulous offer!






When I was pregnant I (as always) relied on my twitter & facebook friends to keep me sane. My hubby was worried about the radiation from my phone going through into my belly as I would sit with my hands on my belly
The farmers concerns continued over the last 19 months so that now he is concerned about the radiation levels Worm may be exposed to whilst playing on our phones.

My 19month old Worm LOVEs playing with our iPhones. She doesn’t know what to do with them, but she knows that they are mummy’s & daddy’s toys & that she has to be very careful with them.

Did you know that ‘The vulnerability of children to mobile phone radiation is significantly higher then adults’ this fact scares me. I mean is this another thing that I have to protect my child from?
Thankfully Pong Research have come up with a range of advanced smart phone & iPad cases. These cases not only look good but have many other benefits as well.

These cases have been developed by a team of PhD scientists- I asked myself why would a bunch of geeky scientists work on developing cases for mobile phones- surely there’s something better for them to be researching!
But then I kept on reading. The Pong cases are rather special. They are said to ‘improve device performance, and protect users against cellular and wifi radiation’

The cases have been proven in independent laboratories to
– optimise signal strength
– protect against dropped calls
– conserve battery life
– reduce exposure to cell phone radiation by up to 95% below international safety standards.

They do all that plus look great! I was lucky enough to be sent the Soft Touch case for 4s in Lime Green. It fitted snugly just like any other case would, so there is no extra bulk for all the extra benefits as detailed above.

I use my phone a LOT & found that with the case on the battery seemed to last a little longer than usual- I can’t say definitively as I’ve never really timed it, but I noticed that when I was putting it on the charge it had more battery life left over than usual.

The cover made no difference to talk quality for me, we rarely experience drop outs so I can’t verify that part of the claims. And as far as signal strength goes I didn’t notice any significant difference.

Overall I figure that the Pong Case looks just as good as others on the market, but does SO much more. I’ll certainly be recommending them to my friends going forward. Priced from $49.95 they are very competitive.

You can follow Pong Research on twitter, like them on Facebook & also check out the full range on theirWebsite .

Are you concerned about phone radiation? Let me know via Please let me know via twitter, Facebook or the comments section below.

Thanks to Wordstorm PR I was gifted a Pong Research iPhone case. All opinions are my own, any statements of fact have been taken from media releases or the Pong Website. I have to apologise for the lack of photos in this post- as I use my phone to take the photos it was a little hard to take phones of my phone!

{WINNER!!} Stuck on You

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WOW I thought all the great back to school tips were brilliant. You can read them all at the bottom of the original post, however for me the winner was Natalie Blanch.

I loved her suggestion of creating ‘Social Stories’ Its something that I’m going to start with Worm, not just for back to school but perhaps to prepare her for visitors, or any significant changes to her routine.

“Aside from the organisation of books, clothes and food, I think creating ‘social stories’ helps young children internalise what the back to school routine will involve. Things like “Next week, it will be school-time. Each week day morning, we’ll wake up by x time, get dressed in your uniform, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, do your hair, put your lunch box in your bag and your shoes on and head off to school”, and “At school, you’ll sit at your desk and listen to your teacher. At lunch time, you eat your food, then play with your hat on. After school, I’ll be waiting to pick you up, looking to see your beautiful face!”. I love social stories, as they can prepare children for so many different events, and when they’re repeated over and over, children know what to expect, and situations become familiar before they’ve even occurred. Visual learners may love a corresponding chart to match up with what they’re hearing. It makes it so much easier to just say “So after we have breakfast, what are we going to do?”, and have your child respond with “teeth, hair, bag and shoes!”, with them feeling like they’re leading the way and in control of their preparation.”

Well done Natalie – Stuck on You will be in touch shortly to arrange your voucher. Happy shopping!