Awake at 3am

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As I write this I am laying in my snugly warm bed. It is actually quite nice here, apart from the fact that I am awake, it is 3am, and the Worm is making enough noise to disturb the sleep of people 3 doors over.

The Worm is safe in her bed, although she’s not happy, The Farmer is away with work. Worm’s room is lovely and warm, she has a water bottle in her bed in case she’s thirsty, and both her Lambie & Taz (the bedtime snuggle toys of choice) are with her, she has nothing to be upset about, yet still she crys out. Maybe she had a nightmare, maybe shes lonely, I’m not sure what’s woken her, however I do know that if I enter the room, the only way to stop her crying will be to give her some Mama Milk. This will lead to a demand in following nights, for the same thing. If the Farmer were here, he would go in to check she’s ok, I however don’t have that liberty, unless I want to feed her, which considering I am trying to reduce the amount of Mama Milk she gets isn’t in the plans.

So as I lay here I realised that there is a few benefits of being awake when the rest of the world (apart from Worm & the people in the surrounding houses) sleeps.

1) Twitter is rocking! There is a whole new load of people to chat to at 3am, friends located in the Northern Hemisphere are going about their normal business, and here I am awake to read all about their dodgy lunches, horrible bosses, and view the selfies taken of their wardrobe that morning.

2) Candy Crush – I’ve had 30 minutes of uninterrupted crushing, with a full 5 lives to get through. I even had the good fortune of finally getting through a particularly hard level.

3) Catching the dog in the act – we have 2 dogs, when Worm was born both became dedicated outside creatures (previously the little dog was allowed inside, but the big Kelpie has always been an outside animal) In the big January floods & storms up here I started letting them both inside, and now they feel they are entitled to sleep indoors. The little dog has resumed her seat at the end of my bed, and the Kelpie has her own dedicated bed right next to the bed on the floor.

For some weeks now I have suspected that the big dog was jumping onto the bed in the middle of the night without me knowing, however I had no evidence as each morning at 6am when I woke she was curled up on her bed.

However obviously she was not expecting any 3 am wake up either as I’ve caught her snuggled under the doona, on The Farmers side – I would never have noticed her there!

4) Quiet time to write! With my life jam packed full of fun & adventure I struggle to find quiet. I’ve noticed that any writing I get to do is fast & messy, trying to fit a weeks worth of ramblings into one post.

Tonight I had time to think & although this is a weak post it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I know that I often complain about being tired, or the Worm not sleeping but tonight I’m not complaining about that. I’m seeing the silver lining tonight & enjoying some quiet time.

Worm has now settled & been quiet for the past few minutes. It’s time again for me to switch the phone off & re-join the land of nod.

As a working mum I sometimes struggle to put healthy nutritious meals in the table. Couple this with my usual scenario of an over tired toddler who just wants to cuddle or be held & my exhausting night can become downright painful as I juggle the dinner prep with a 12kg toddler on my hip.

When I first saw the Learning Tower I hoped it could be a solution to my woes, a way that Worm could be safely at a height to see what I was doing at the kitchen bench (and not sitting on the bench)  & even help out, which parents of nearly 2 year olds can attest to ‘I hold it’ or ‘I help’ are frequent statements in our house. Worm LOVE’s helping. The Learning tower provides a safe secure platform that the child can get in & out of safely by them selves (no more monkey jumping off the back of the high chair!)

When the big box was delivered I was initially daunted by the flat pack construction, especially since the Farmer was away, but I was ready for the challenge. Armed with only an allen key & a set of handy numbered instructions I commenced. A little over 30 minutes later I was done. Flat pack success & I didn’t even have to resort to a glass of wine to help.


I was immediately impressed with the tower, its strong, and study, I couldn’t resist climbing in myself & jumping up and down a few times. The tower is rated to hold 500lbs so it didn’t budge at my shenanigans. The platform is cleverly designed so that is sits snugly, and can be adjusted to 4 height levels. It’s difficult enough to adjust that the nearly 2 year old can’t move it, but easy enough for a somewhat co-ordinated adult!

When Worm woke the next morning she stared in wonder at the tower, before quickly starting to use the platform for her personal shelf. It took her a few days to get the confidence to climb into and out of the tower herself, however as soon as she ‘got it’ there was no holding her back.20130627-092318.jpg

I loved having her help out with dinner prep last night, she ‘helped’ by trying to peel the potatoes, and then trying to use a spoon to scrape the seeds out of the pumpkins.



The tower is a great hiding place for the veggies you don’t want to be cooked too.


I am beyond thrilled with the Learning Tower, and I have actually just used the discount code to purchase an Art Easel to go with it. The Easel simply attaches to the side of the tower, and will allow multiple uses for the same frame. You can also get a tent cover, to turn it into a lemonade stand, or puppet theatre. Head over to the facebook page & ‘like’ them for more fabulous ideas.

It was simple to award the coveted “Worms Seal of Approval” to this product, and I’m excited to say that the team at The Learning Tower are offering my readers a 20% discount on all Learning Tower stock (towers, easels and playhouses) direct at the website  Make sure you use the special code: LTTTL20 at the checkout, to save 20% on your total order, which is at the very least free shipping, and in some cases much more! The code will be valid until June 30th 2013 so get in QUICK!!
Please share & spread the word about this fabulous offer!






A Day in the Life….

June 20th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Being a mum | Iron Mum Training | Life - (1 Comments)


I’m regularly asked in real life & also on social media “How do I fit it all in?” To be perfectly honest some-days I don’t think I juggle it at all well, and then there are other days when I think I can do even more!



I often get the mama guilts about the huge pile of washing, the simple easy to eat meals I cook, the lack of extra mama play time, and the 2 dogs that sit on the back doorstep asking for a walk.


As the Farmer works away regularly, and I work full time I have to prioritize my activities, I have the Worm, my work, my triathlon training, and of course sleep to fit into the standard 24 hour day.


I thought some might find it interesting to see how an average work day plays out for our family.



6am alarm goes off – if Worm isn’t awake I’ll jump through the shower & try to get lunches made etc. Whenever Worm wakes (usually anywhere between 5 & 6.30) we will snuggle on the lounge for her morning milk.


7.15am out the door – I drop Worm at child care and head into the office. (This morning Worm didn’t wake until 7.15, so we were running late from the start – I suppose being awake from 2-3am meant that she was tired?)


7.45am-5pm Working Working Working. Depending on workloads I try to leave close to 5pm, however this can sometimes be earlier or later. If I’m fairly quiet at work I’ll either go for a run at lunch, or try to leave at 4.30 so I can fit in a swim session. Though lunch is usually a sandwich at my desk so that I can walk out the door at 5.


5.30-6.30pm Pick up Worm from daycare.


6 -7pm dinner, bath, stories. I tend to be quite strict about the type of play time that Worm has in the evenings. She is allowed to watch ABC2 whilst we are eating dinner, and I try to get her involved in the food prep, however as this is usually a fairly stressful period as she is tired – I don’t like her getting new toys out to play with, she plays with some puzzles, and reads books. We try to focus on quiet play time.

Dinner is also a little hit & miss, sometimes she will sit nicely at the big dining table, other times its on the floor, to be honest although I know this is a big bug-bear for The Farmer, I try not to stress about it, the risk of a tantrum at this time of night is to much, and I’d much prefer her to eat on the floor, than not at all!


Bath time is varied, some nights she will happily play for 20 minutes, other nights it’s a wrestle to get a face washer to clean her face, hands & feet. I try to go with her, avoiding a tantrum I do ensure that she gets a good scrub a couple of times a week!


7pm this is my optimal bed time for Worm. She has a story, mama milk and snuggles in the quiet of her bedroom and usually falls asleep by herself around 7.30 most nights. Regardless of what happens throughout the night Worm rarely leaves her room after 7pm. The Farmer & I will attend to her needs in her room as required, but it is only under extreme circumstances that we take her out of her calm, dark peaceful room after 7. I’ve recently started leaving a bottle of water in her bed, as we found she was waking up thirsty, and then demanding mama milk, when water would suffice.


7.45pm I hit my gym for whatever session my lovely coach has derived for me. These sessions range in length from 30-90mins usually, and involve either my bike (set up on a stationary wind trainer) or my treadmill. Thank goodness for entertaining TV, or cycling videos to keep me entertained as these sessions are often more mentally challenging than physically stressful.





9.30pm depending on the training session I have had I aim to be showered and ready for bed by 9.30, lights off, phone down etc by 10.30pm ready to start the day again tomorrow. Some nights I push myself WAY past my bedtime, I had to stop watching The Following when they moved the screening time as it was keeping me up too late, I find that with the background noise of a podcast I generally fall to sleep quickly.


The only thing that changes when the Farmer is home is that I will try to get more swimming sessions in, even if this involves restructuring rest days, or the training week. There is a certain level of contentment knowing that I can push out an extra 200m in the pool and not have to rush across town to collect Worm from day care, and having an extra pair of hands during that ‘arsenic hour’ between leaving work and Worm going to bed is invaluable . The Farmer is an excellent cook, and so he tends to take care of the cooking duties when he is home. He also ensures that both Worm & I eat much better than when I have to fend for myself.


Weekends are a LOT more relaxed, I usually get a long run and ride done whilst the Farmer spends time with Worm. We also have swimming lessons, regular trips to the zoo and family walks. The weekends are devoted to family time, which is bliss.




As for the huge pile of washing, it sits there until either the cleaner or the Farmer folds it up. I don’t care for it! 




Weekend Bliss

June 14th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Being a mum | Life | Little Human - (2 Comments)

Regular blog readers and twitter followers will know that my hubby The Farmer works away from home regularly. His job has him away about 3-5 nights per week, and although he minimises this as much as he can it still places some stress on our family and our relationship.

I know in my heart that he doesn’t particularly like going away, but it is easy to slip into the invalid belief that he goes away to avoid spending time with us (particularly when Worm is having one of ‘those weeks’ and I am running on less than 4 hours sleep per night). I know that this isn’t at all true, the way he slips back into family time when he is home demonstrates this – and I know that although sometimes I don’t find being home fun, I also know that travelling and having a different hotel each night isn’t fun either.

The times that he is home for a stretch is so precious to me. This weekend we had an extra long weekend, we had public holidays on Friday & Monday and took an extra day off for the Thursday to give us a 5 day family holiday to Tasmania.

We had time to relax, play on the beach, walk in the COLD, play cards with the family and most of all spend time together as a family. It was bliss.

Here are some photos of our family weekend.








All the Wins

June 5th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Cooking | Giveaways - (1 Comments)

I am feeling refreshed, bright and cheerful this morning! After a horror week with Worm barely sleeping more than 3 hours in a row, and multiple temper tantrums or requests to play in the very dark hours of the morning,  up until Monday I was feeling terrible. The Farmer was going away again (only for 1 night this time) and I was dreading having to cope with the upset noisy & demanding Worm by myself.

I need not have feared, the past 2 nights Worm has decided to eat a full dinner (with veggies and everything!) and apart from some ‘negotiations’ prior to getting her into bed once she was there it was smooth sailing, with out any squeaks until 6.30 the next morning!

I’m sure any parent would know how much better life is after a full 7-8 hours of sleep! After all Sleep Deprivation is seriously torture!

This post is titled “All The Wins” and so I’m excited to announce the winner of the McCormicks Marinade in a Bag Giveaway!

Michelle V is our lucky winner!!

My Greek father-in-law makes the best barbequed lamb spit.
He marinades it with lemon, fresh garlic, olive oil, and spices. He brushes it on with a largeish rosemary sprig, and the flavour infuses into the lamb as it is on the rotisserie.
It is succulent!!!

Michelle your Father -in-laws recipe made my Farmer head straight to the butcher for a piece of lamb!

Thanks so much for your entry & keep your eye on your email as you will be contacted soon!


Have a lovely day everyone!!