All the Wins

June 5th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Cooking | Giveaways - (1 Comments)

I am feeling refreshed, bright and cheerful this morning! After a horror week with Worm barely sleeping more than 3 hours in a row, and multiple temper tantrums or requests to play in the very dark hours of the morning,  up until Monday I was feeling terrible. The Farmer was going away again (only for 1 night this time) and I was dreading having to cope with the upset noisy & demanding Worm by myself.

I need not have feared, the past 2 nights Worm has decided to eat a full dinner (with veggies and everything!) and apart from some ‘negotiations’ prior to getting her into bed once she was there it was smooth sailing, with out any squeaks until 6.30 the next morning!

I’m sure any parent would know how much better life is after a full 7-8 hours of sleep! After all Sleep Deprivation is seriously torture!

This post is titled “All The Wins” and so I’m excited to announce the winner of the McCormicks Marinade in a Bag Giveaway!

Michelle V is our lucky winner!!

My Greek father-in-law makes the best barbequed lamb spit.
He marinades it with lemon, fresh garlic, olive oil, and spices. He brushes it on with a largeish rosemary sprig, and the flavour infuses into the lamb as it is on the rotisserie.
It is succulent!!!

Michelle your Father -in-laws recipe made my Farmer head straight to the butcher for a piece of lamb!

Thanks so much for your entry & keep your eye on your email as you will be contacted soon!


Have a lovely day everyone!!





As a busy mum I’m always looking for shortcuts in the kitchen to make dinners a little easier, a little yummier & of course a little more nutritious.

My family loves a good BBQ, but I really don’t like the clean up of all the marinade containers, not only are they often messy to clean up they take up so much room in the fridge.

When the lovely team at McCormicks contacted me asking if my family would like to review their new Marinade in a Bag I was uncertain, but as I had seen them in the supermarket thought ‘why not’. But as I handed the lovely parcel to The Farmer he was very excited- BBQ’s are after all his thing!


He unpacked the box & then had to decide on what we were having. I had purchased chicken drumsticks the night before so he put effort into picking the most appropriate marinade for the job.


Once he had chosen the “Honey & Soy” he carefully read the instructions, and then placed the chicken directly into the bag. No mess or containers to deal with.


He sealed the bag, gave it a little massage & popped it into the fridge to do its thing.


The pack recommends 2-24hours of marinating time. We gave it overnight, to cook I poured the chicken into a roasting pan & popped it into the oven for 30 minutes. The result was beautifully flavoured drumsticks that the whole family loved.


I was thrilled, no clean up, no massaging raw meat & no need to have a fridge full of containers. I note that although the pan above looks like the marinade burned, it didn’t, and the pan easily wiped clean.

We will certainly be purchasing these again!

The team at McCormicks want to give you the chance to try these brilliant Marinades in a bag too, so we have a little competition to be won. This is a fast & furious comp so share the link, enter & of course leave a comment!

Simply tell me via comments in 50 words or less your favourite BBQ recipe 
I’ll be asking the Farmer to pick a winner on Monday night, and will announce via this post, twitter & facebook. Make sure you leave an email or twitter handle below so I can find you!
Terms & Conditions:
1) After I have announced the winner here on this post , you have 5 days to make contact or a new winner will be chosen.
2) I will send your details onto McCormick’s and they will arrange delivery of your prize. I will no longer have input. Any further correspondence will be between McCormick’s and yourself.
3) You must live in Australia.

Today marks the 12 week countdown for my first 70.3 Ironman Triathlon. I have been in training since October always counting down to the 18th of August 2013 when I will earn my #IronMum title (well half iron mum doesn’t sound as good!)

My coach has given me an indication of what the next 12 weeks will consist of. I’ll be continuing to build endurance, learning how to race intensely, recover and of course more intensity. I’m particularly looking forward to the recovery periods, but I’m also keen to discover how hard I can push myself.

I’m going into the 12 weeks with a consistently niggling foot tendon injury. The aim is to keep building my run fitness, without angering the tendon. (I’m off to the specialist for an MRI next week, but ‘no running’ is no longer an option).

The thought of what I have planned is starting to impact me emotionally. I was watching the TV coverage of the Port Macquarie Ironman and the Busselton 70.3 on the weekend, and I found eyes welling up with tears. I’ve been told that this is quite a normal reaction, but it feels wrong, weak and silly.

Since January 2013 I have cycled 1333kms, over 115 hours in the saddle. I have run 146km over 17 hours. Those numbers are irrelevant now…. It all comes down to the next 12 weeks, the next 60odd training sessions.

At home I still struggle to find the intensity I need for my training sessions, I find it much harder to push my body to the limits, which considering I spend 4-5 sessions a week indoors with my hubby often away for work is concerning.

I am utilising all the tools I can to ensure that every minute I can spare to train is maximised. I am thankful for easy to watch reality TV like The Block – keeping me entertained, and amused during dreadmill runs.

I LOVE The Sufferfest cycling training videos, they are a sure fire way of ensuring that I am pushing my wind training (indoor bike) sessions to the maximum. I did a fitness test last week and there was a dramatic improvement on my bike fitness compared to the beginning of the year. I know numbers are only numbers, but it is rewarding to see such an improvement.


Nutritionally I have increased my carbs and food intake again. I found that when I cut down to a ‘reasonable’ food intake I got grumpy, my legs hurt more, and I was taking longer to recover from each training session. So breads and pasta are back on my menu. Yes my weight has creeped up a little, but I know that when the intensity is increased in my sessions this extra fuel can only benefit me.

So there it is ….. 12 weeks out, I am still full of self doubt, irrational emotion, and niggling injuries. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel though, and the rest that I have planned on the 19th of August



First School Photo

May 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Being a mum | Little Human | Milestones - (3 Comments)

My small human continually amazes me, I had originally planned a post around her developing before my eyes but I’ll share that in the coming weeks.

Tonight I need to share another milestone in her life. The emotion around this one has taken me by surprise. My Worm had her first school photo a few weeks ago.

The Farmer & I were divided as to if we should spend the money purchasing the photo, these things always seem rather expensive, and initially the child care wanted the cash upfront.
I put the call out on the Facebook page thanks to everyone who responded.
I particularly loved my mother comment ‘just buy the photo’.

I was with her for the initial photo session, but the photographer accidentally scared her with a bouncy ball which led to tears. I had to head off to work so I couldn’t stay for the 2nd attempt (which the girls were going to do a little later)

In a way I’m so pleased that I didn’t hang around as when I was handed her photos this afternoon I was genuinely surprised and thrilled with the result. My worm looks so grown up!

So here it is- my Worms firsts school photo. I can’t believe that in a few months she will be 2!


What’s your thoughts on school photos? Are they a must purchase?


The Post Race Slump

May 20th, 2013 | Posted by Sara in Fitness | Iron Mum Training - (5 Comments)

After any major event I suppose it’s somewhat normal to feel a ‘downer’ in the days following. After all you’ve put so much effort and focus around that one day, that afterwards you can’t help but think ‘what’s next’

I’m having that slump right now. After a fantastic race in Hervey Bay, I’ve come back to reality with a slump. My next major event was supposed to be the Rocky River Half Marathon on the 2nd of June, but this dodgy foot of mine has put an end to that. My coach & physio have both advised that I’d be ‘bloody stupid’ to push a HM out at this stage of my year. So I’m down grading to the 10km.
This combined with my doctor wanting a more detailed MRI to be done on my foot, has left me flat.

But my foot isn’t the only thing hurting at the moment. My quads have been taking longer to recover between sessions. Now I’ve been doing this exercise thing long enough to know that DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is a thing & it’s indicating that muscles are continuing to grow. This pain feels different.

It feels like under nourished muscles are being asked to do too much. When I started to think about why, I realised that when the Farmer is away with work I don’t eat properly. I eat good food, veggies, proteins but just not very much of it as I’m usually eating with Em before I put her to bed & go into the gym.

My torture chamber has gone from something I love to something I almost dread, and don’t even start me on the pool situation! I can’t even talk about the dread that brings out in me (probably explains why I’m missing far too many swim sessions lately)


I’m calling an end to it now
Sure I’m allowed to have a few days or a week at a lower intensity after a race, family need to come first, but I think I’ve let it slide a little too far. I’ve got just over 12 weeks until my major race for the year.

That’s about 70 training sessions to go. I’m going to break it down into little steps and work through them all.

When I started this adventure with my epic race schedule I never thought it would be easy. I think it’s been exactly as I imagined. I think I even expected to have a moment or period of time feeling this way. But it needs to stop now.


So I’m making a commitment.
I will put everything I’ve got into the next 70 training sessions.
I will eat proper foods, and enough of them.
I will get outside whenever possible & enjoy my training again.

This is my word


I’ve stolen the photos above from somewhere & I honestly don’t know where. I’m sorry! If they are yours please let me know.